Blessings in a Backpack Food Will be Distributed at JCPS Feeding Sites

Blessings in a Backpack Food Will be Distributed at JCPS Feeding Sites
School sites are open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

School sites where meals are available

Brandeis Elementary

2817 W. Kentucky St.

Breck-Frank Elementary

1351 Payne St.

Camp Taylor Elementary

1446 Belmar Drive

Carter Elementary

3600 Bohne Ave.

Chancey Elementary

4301 Murphy Lane

Conway Elementary

6300 Terry Road

Coral Ridge Elementary

10608 National Turnpike

Crums Lane Elementary

3212 S. Crums Lane

Doss High

7601 St. Andrews Church Road

Engelhard Elementary

1004 S. First St.

Fairdale High

1001 Fairdale Road

Fern Creek Elementary

8815 Ferndale Road

Frayser Elementary

1230 Larchmont Ave.

Greenwood Elementary

5801 Greenwood Road

Hazelwood Elementary

1325 Bluegrass Ave.

Indian Trail Elementary

3709 E. Indian Trail

Jacob Elementary

3701 E. Wheatmore Drive

Jeffersontown Elementary

3610 Cedarwood Way

Layne Elementary

9831 East Ave.

Luhr Elementary

6900 Fegenbush Lane

Maupin Elementary

1312 Catalpa St.

McFerran Elementary

1900 S. Seventh St.

Middletown Elementary

218 N. Madison Ave.

Portland Elementary

3410 Northwestern Parkway

Rangeland Elementary

1701 Rangeland Road

Roosevelt Perry Elementary

1615 W. Broadway

Seneca High

3510 Goldsmith Lane

Shawnee High

4001 Herman St.

Shelby Elementary

735 Ziegler St.

Southern High

8620 Preston Highway

St. Matthews Elementary

601 Browns Lane

Valley High

10200 Dixie Highway

Watson Lane Elementary

7201 Watson Lane

Watterson Elementary

3900 Breckenridge Lane

Western Middle

2201 W. Main St.

Westport Middle

8100 Westport Road

Wheatley Elementary

1107 S. 17th St

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