The Louisville Chapter

Did you know that almost 80,000 kids living in Jefferson County, Kentucky, are food insecure? That is one in four kids who eats meals at school during the week but is without affordable, healthy food on Saturday and Sunday. The consequences are much more than a growling stomach. Hunger can cause many physical health problems. It can shorten a child’s attention span, lower their IQ, and keep them from making good grades.

That’s where Blessings in a Backpack can help.

Our mission is simple: we provide food on the weekends for school-aged children who might otherwise go hungry.

Our Impact During the 2022/23 School Year

The Louisville Chapter works to raise awareness of childhood hunger and improve the lives of local children who depend on school meals as their primary source of nutrition, by providing food when school meals are not available.

We want to thank the Jefferson County Public Schools Family Resource Counselors, cafeteria specialists, school staff, and over 1,000 volunteers who helped distribute Blessings every Friday of the school year! They played a crucial role in preventing childhood hunger on the weekends. Their efforts ensured our chapter provided 241,600 hunger-free weekends to 6,882 kids in 55 local schools! We thank them all for their time to make sure kids in their community are fed.

2023/24 School Year

We will begin the 2023/24 school year by feeding 6,882 kids in Louisville. But our goal is to increase the number of children being served by at least 250 this school year.

Who will feed the kids this weekend?

Together, we will!

You can help us reach that goal by:

  • donating (as little as $150 feeds one child every weekend of the school year!)
  • becoming a school investor
  • partnering with our chapter

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Louisville Mayor Greg Fisher and Miss Puerto Rico joined the students at Hawthorne Elementary School on National Blessings in a Backpack Day to pack bags of food.